The holidays are upon us and we’re looking to get some much needed rest, spend time with family and loved ones and just retreat away from the work-o-sphere. Have you ever wondered however, what successful people do over the holidays? We asked around and came up with this list of 5 things the powerhouses seem to get up to during the holidays that somehow differentiates them from everyone else.

We found these 5 things to be the most consistent and you may have a read below:


Successful women all take time to reflect on how the year 2017 panned out and what it will take to get to the next level in 2018. They’re always 10 steps to ahead but taking each step very carefully and proactively.  Everything you did this year, in one way or another, can offer directional advice toward your 2018. What worked in your favor and what were the many lessons that you learned? Take an hour a day for self-medication and reflection on last year’s performance, which will help you develop clear intentions for the new year.


Now that you’re ready to move past 2017 and go full blast into the coming year, jot down your goals. This is one thing, we found that even the greats did. Lists are not outdated. Of course, we can envision our goals and as great as that is, referring to a physical list of our plans will keep us on target. You definitely don’t have to write down every single aim in the coming weeks, but having a steady list will give you the motivation to keep it growing throughout the year. Add a new goal every day, such as being on top of your budgeting, promote your business, pick up a side hustle, or even set your alarm an hour earlier to squeeze in some extra work.


When do you have some leisure time? Set aside time for a new talent or skill you’ve been eager to explore. Even successful women are consistently learning and taking up new activities. Choose one that will be useful to your career path like familiarizing yourself with a new application, blogging, creating content on Photoshop, studying a new language, or maybe even popping into a few dance classes to relieve stress. You might discover a skill you never knew you had, which will end up influencing your 2018 in ways you never imagined.


Successful women are always learning from other success stories. The Flourish Africa Conference was an example of this phenomenon. Great women sharing their stories and equally great women learning from them. You’re never too wise to learn from another person. Each of our experiences are highly peculiar to us. Do all you can do to educate and feed wisdom to your mind. Entering into a new year and holding high expectations for yourself can be intimidating and daunting. But this content will inspire you to remain positively focused on your dreams and career plans. Whether your traveling on the plane or snuggling up in bed, always have some form of inspiring content at your fingertips.


Successful women plan their investments well ahead of time. They spend their holidays mapping out where they’d like to not only plug in their money but their resources as well during the course of the new year.  Investing is something you can choose to take action on no matter the time of year, but there’s no point in waiting until 2018 to get your investing plan in line. You have the time during the holidays to thoughtfully explore the ins and outs of investing. If you start investing now, you’ll be steps ahead on the path to securing a stronger 2018, but most importantly, a stronger financial future. When you’re ready to invest, do your research with the help of financial investors and the internet on what’s available to you and where you would yield good returns in due time.


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