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You either know her from her #Faithbuilder tribe on Instagram which she has steadily built to an ever increasing audience or you know her as the Forbes correspondent who’s interviewed some of the greatest women our continent has ever seen. I was privileged to do dinner with her once as her vibe coupled with mine was explosive. Her energy, always radiating positivity was something I needed on this very day and I sought her out to have dinner. Oh and she paid.

On this day, I was battling a decision I was to make about my career. For the first time ever, I was about to do something truly stupid to the naked eye but wise in God’s eyes. I really wanted for my flesh to win this one but God wasn’t having it and having dinner with the woman who was all about faith and positivity was somehow going to put me in positive spirits. Unbeknownst to her, she believed I was doing dinner with her because I missed her, which I did but little did she know that everything about this encounter was ordained.

We spoke about everything from relationships to marriage to rumour has-its but several things jumped out at me during my time with her and you know my spirit man was elated.

1.You can have the life you absolutely dream of having

This year, like wall clock, I started beating myself up about all the things I felt I should have accomplished. I kicked myself in the foot for not asking God for more and belittling my prayer points. She reminded me that life was what you made of it, I could be all I ever wanted to be if I keyed into it with faith and persistence.

2. God should be your everything

She isn’t just about God for her branding and neither is she on the God-gram celebrity team. She really is about Him. In conversation, you could tell she was in an intimate relationship with Him constantly seeking His voice in all that she does. If I had to name one factor that has been the key to her success, it would be the God-factor. She couldn’t stop mentioning him in conversation and it was clear who the captain of her life truly was, she was simply the ship.

3. Waiting is beautiful. Good things come to those who wait

We spoke about marriage and the gratuitous question came up, when? ‘Peace, when am I picking aso-ebi?’ I asked. She spoke of her waiting period. How she didn’t want to make a mistake and how she was letting Jesus take the wheel in this regard right before she mentioned no one was meeting her husband. Ever! (Talk about territorial). In all seriousness however, as silly this might seem, in the place that I was and with the decision I had to make, this carried meaning. I wanted to choose better pay at the moment over purpose and this wasn’t the way to go. I needed to wait and that was painful to hear but it was a necessary evil, or in this case, good.

4. Believe in yourself and your abilities

She spoke of her time as a young-adult riddled with insecurities and self-doubt. Difficult to believe but true. She spoke of her journey to self-confidence and how important it was to always walk with your head held high and your chin up. It makes all the difference and people buy into whatever content you’re selling, she mentioned.

5. There is power in finding and walking in your purpose

One of the best things about Peace, I’ll say, is how deliberate she is. Nothing she does, is accidental. She takes the calling on her life very seriously but it might surprise people to know that she’s the epitome of a goof ball. Quite the contrast but somehow she makes it work. I learnt however, that life will kick you down, she’s had several challenges that she might or might not share with the world some day, but her focus on her purpose made me want to never relent on mine. I learnt to be steadfast about my calling on this earth.

I never once mentioned what had been bugging me or what my reasons were for initiating this dinner but I left with a finality and, in my heart, I was truly at peace (no pun intended).

Finally, I heed the question that God had long answered, ‘Where was I needed?’ and leaving, I knew I had to obey.


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