Prayer has been made to seem by some churches, depending on how you grew up, as a routine. Something that you have to do in a certain method or manner. However, I like to view prayer as simple. It is a mode of communication between me and God and because He is my father, I like to think that I don’t have to look for complicated ways to speak to him. I just need to air out whatever I’m feeling and He will understand. This also filters into how honest I am when I pray. As God is all knowing, I am able to express my innermost insecurities and heart desires to him; another reason why I feel that prayer is intimate and personal.

As great as prayer seems, you’re not always going to feel like praying, especially when you’re either going through a rough patch or things are really panning out for you.

  1. You guessed it, Pray.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve come to a decision that your prayer life needs to get better. The first thing to do, would be to pray about it. Have an honest conversation with God telling him your struggles with praying consistently without ceasing. Where possible, be specific, mention the goal number of times a day you’d like to pray and have faith that He is able and just to answer and grant you the grace you’ll be needing to do better.

2. Decide on a sanctuary

Prayer, as earlier mentioned is intimacy between you and your maker. Choose a quiet time or spot either in your home or office where you can seek God’s face with little to no interruptions. That will become your sanctuary and the sooner you make it a habit to always pray there, the easier it will become as that space will become synonymous with prayer.

3. Stop thinking of prayer as routine

For many, the struggle with prayer are the teachings we have been exposed to probably from our background or growing up in the church.  Some of us have been taught that prayer can only be done in church or wearing white with shoes on and scarves. Although, we should come to God in humble adoration, stop thinking of prayer as ceremonious, start to think of it as a lifestyle. Prayer when stripped is just mere communication. That means you can talk to God anywhere. Sitting in traffic? talk to him there. Going shopping at the mall alone, talk to him as you eye that pretty scarf you’re adding into your budget for next month. Just talk everywhere and anywhere. The sooner it starts to feel less like a routine, the easier it will be to start developing a positive attitude towards it.

4. Be still.

If prayer is communication, then it means that as much as there is talking, there has to be silence too. How much time have you dedicated in recent to hearing from God. When last were you in an environment where there was no talking, just silence and a need to hear from God. When last did God speak to you? More importantly, when last did you take out the time to hear from God? You don’t get to do all the talking.

5. Don’t give up.

Some days will be better than others. You’ll do so good and you’ll pray in the spirit and get chills down your spine because you will literally feel the presence of the holy spirit. Other days, the sensation won’t be as strong. But one thing is for sure, he hears, every single time. So yesterday wasn’t so great, try again today. Make the effort to do better and do not let the devil condemn you to a point where you no longer feel as through you’ve got this! Keep trying and keep praying for the grace but don’t you dare give up.


Have you in times past struggled with your prayer life, what are some tips that have worked for you?

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