Does the activities you engage in, get more tasking by the minute? Do you find yourself struggling with your daily demands and it feels like you have only moments to breathe and nothing else fits in? Then this 5 tips  to make life more enjoyable are for you.

Say “No

Saying No can be hard but declining  things you have no interest in doing will eventually make you feel good. Also, it helps you focus and understand the things that are important to you. Stand your ground, say No when you feel like it.

Plan your future

There will be times that the future feels hazy and you’re uncertain about what the future holds, we suggest you ‘breathe’, think deeply about what you want and jot down your thoughts. Take your time to itemize and break these decisions into smaller goals and lists. This will help you make tangible and achievable decisions, making it easier to fulfil your dreams a step at a time.


Declutter mentally and physically. Regularly eliminate toxic thoughts as well as things you don’t use and mostly don’t need. You will be surprised how liberating that feels.

Take Breaks

Do you go from one task or challenge to the next without taking a break? Just because you want to smash your goals. You will be a better goal smasher if you live in life in the moment. Be here! Life becomes easier and more enjoyable when you stay in the moment.

Organise your work space

This helps to eliminate distractions, also, it will help you focus on the task at hand. The lesser the distractions the more efficient you become. Commit to paying attention to your work space and its environs, ensure it stays neat and organised.

Start living your best life by committing to these five tips and watch your life become an enjoyable one. Remember, life happens in a flash and memories last forever.

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