If you’re a makeup-enthusiast, I’d be willing to bet makeup remover wipes are a regular part of your nightly routine. If you’re anything like I used to be, you probably keep a trusty pack on your night table, and maybe even an emergency pack in your purse for touch-ups. Yes, it’s that serious. Let’s be honest, makeup wipes are just as much an end-of-the-day staple as taking off your bra and flinging it across the room.

If wipes have been your end of the night go-to, I’ve got bad news—they’re really not it, sis. I hate to burst your bubble, but makeup wipes do not equal skincare! The truth is, we’ve been skipping steps out of laziness, and our skin is paying the price. Makeup wipes, though quick and convenient, are actually very ineffective at safely and thoroughly removing makeup, dirt, sweat and grime. Instead, consider switching to an oil cleanser for a deep clean that’s effective and safe for the long-term health of your skin.

Check out these 5 reasons why you should ditch the wipes and opt for oils:


You know that slimy, greasy feeling left behind by most wipes? Yeah, that’s the grime that wipes just can’t remove. Instead of actually taking the makeup off, you’re essentially smearing it all around your face—along with the day’s general dirt, sweat, dead skin, and pollution. Gross. Oil cleansers actually clear all that debris away. The oils penetrate, break up, and dissolve the makeup, which is then rinsed away with water. No greasy residue, and no need to follow up with another cleanser.


We know that black don’t crack, but even the most melanated of us want to age as gracefully as we can. When we use wipes, we pull and tug at our skin which over time promotes premature aging of the skin and irritation to sensitive areas. Especially when it comes to removing stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara or liquid lipsticks, all that pulling is detrimental. With an oil cleanser, you simply work the oil in gently over top of your makeup—much like you would do when applying a moisturizer—and then rinse away with water. There’s much less elbow-grease required, which means fewer lines and wrinkles in the end.


Many makeup wipes contain harsh surfactants and chemicals. These ingredients may get the makeup to disappear, but they can be extremely irritating to those with sensitive skin. You may have seen this viral post of a girl who experienced an angry rash after using these popular wipes. Makeup wipes also contain preservatives to extend shelf-life, including formaldehyde-releasing chemicals which you definitely don’t want left behind on your skin. While all skin is different and reacts to different things, oils are natural and thus inherently gentle and soothing to the epidermis.


Have you ever gone to sleep after using a makeup wipe and woken up to a dry, tight feeling across your face? You can barely smile because your skin is thirsting for hydration. That feeling is a result of the chemicals in wipes that suck the natural oils and moisture from the skin. With oil cleansers, the surfactants are often not as harsh as in traditional face washes or wipes, thus leaving the skin clean but not stripped. This is especially important going into the winter season.


Perhaps the number one sell for makeup remover wipes is that they’re convenient for quick removal in a pinch. However, I know my wipes sure as hell never removed all of my makeup in one go. I often had to use two, sometimes three wipes to get everything off, and even then, I couldn’t be sure that everything was truly gone. I know it seems like too much to stumble into the bathroom and wash your face when you’re exhausted—or perhaps, a little too lit—but if you have to clumsily rub and scrub for multiple rounds, are you really saving yourself time? Just wash your face, girl. I promise you’ll be done in two minutes.



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