Ever been a fan of hot baths? A lot of people find it a lot easier to take hot baths especially during cold mornings or even for the sole purpose to just revive their tired bones which may be weary out of the day’s stress.

Although with logic, this may be nice and even refreshing for your body as well as calming for your mind and relieving the stress, with science, there are some theories which support the fact that cold water bath does more good for your body than hot. Here are some:

  • Cold water improves the condition of your hair and skin as against hot water which dries them out. Cold water locks in the natural oils in your hair, giving it a great shine. Even if you take a bath with hot water, you might like to consider finishing off with a cold blast because this would not only strengthen your pores and cuticles but would prevent your skin from drying out.
  • A warm or hot bath may not give you that great zeal to kick start your day. After your bath, you may still feel a need to snuggle back in bed but with a cold bath, the story is different. You feel a natural surge of energy when you get a cold water bath. The science behind this is that cold water hitting your body causes you to take deep breaths, thereby increasing your oxygen intake and getting your heart rate pumping. This makes you feel great and energised to start off your day.
  • Cold water bath also improves your body circulation. Think of your body as a machine that needs good oiling now and then. Increasing the amount of blood that is pumped around your body will help with some skin and heart conditions, lower blood pressure, improve your immune system and clear up blocked arteries.
  • Cold water bath is one of the amazing techniques that help with weight loss. Our bodies are made up of white fat and brown fat. White fat is not really good for us. It comes about when we eat more calories than our bodies burn, this results in the fat piling up and collecting around our waist, neck, thighs and bottom. This isn’t easy to shift. Brown fat is good fat that helps to heat our bodies and is activated when we are cold. So showering with cold water kicks the brown fat into action.
  • Cold water bath also helps to boost the metabolic rate of our bodies because the cold temperature forces your body to re-regulate its temperature, constantly. This causes calories and fat to burn fast.


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