So you wakeup one morning not really feeling yourself but still try to put up your best appearance for the day. You wear your favourite blouse and that body hugging skirt. Already feeling cool, you go to the mirror to take a  final glance at yourself but instead you see visible eyebags under your eyes; definitely you can’t go out looking this way. Just then you realise how important makeup is but you don’t have any; so you go out looking tired, dull and feeling older.

Just like popular makeup artist Bobbi Brown said ”I believe that all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup, can be pretty powerful.” Makeup are beauty products we apply on the face to enhance our look and the art of makeup artistry has come a long way.

It will be interesting to know that women apply makeup for different reasons.

One major reason is to enhance our natural look: Using makeup to enhance our look means that we accentuate those features we think make us look more beautiful like our chin and nose.

Another reason is to build confidence: Some women feel more confident when they apply makeup. They feel like they can conquer the world and are ready to take up any challenge.

It serves as a means of self-expression: Sometimes when you see a woman wearing a bright coloured eyeshadow or lipstick you can definitely tell she is happy. Women use makeup to express how they feel and to determine how they want other people to perceive them.

Here are five essential makeup products every lady must have.

Eyeliner: It makes the eye more pronounced, bolder and brighter and as they say, the eyes are the key to the soul. An eyeliner alone can give the face a total makeover.


Mascara: Mascara helps to amplify the eyelash by thickening it, adding to its length and making it darker which draws attention to the eye.

Foundation: Foundation helps to cover scars caused by pimples or acne. It also reduces eyebags and makes the face look smoother and fresher. A general mistake most people make, is that they purchase a wrong shade of foundation which creates a funny look when applied. It is also important to know your skin type before you purchase one because foundations differ. While some might be suitable for a person with oily skin others won’t be. Knowing all these before you purchase one helps you save money.

Powder: It gives the face that finishing touch and also adds to the freshness of the final look.

Lip balm: I guess you don’t want to walk about with a chapped lip? Getting a lip balm can help with this and the good thing about it, is that is it colourless and suitable for every skin tone. Also, they are very affordable.

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