Do you know that Honey has so many other uses apart from being used as sweeteners or sugar replacement? Here are some examples:

  • THE PERFECT REMEDY FOR HANGOVERS: This was one of the most surprising uses for honey that I discovered. Apparently, honey works just like a natural tonic that can help you get rid of a bad hangover in no time. Just add two tablespoons of honey into a glass of water and drink it in the morning. It will accelerate alcohol metabolism because it supports the elimination of toxic compounds resulting from the metabolism of alcohol. So, how about that?

  • IT HEALS CUTS, BRUISES OR BURNS: This is definitely one of the most amazing uses of honey! It really works, I might add; I tried it myself when I found out about it. All you have to do is to simply apply a thin layer of this miraculous nectar on the affected areas. They will heal right up because honey acts as a natural antiseptic and your wounds will heal faster. That’s always good to know!

  • THE PERFECT MOISTURIZER: Wow, that’s great news! I love making different moisturizers out of natural ingredients. Here is one I discovered while I did my research: just warm a little bit of honey over a saucepan until it gets to a liquid consistency, then pour it over some herbs (for example, lavender – that’s always a great choice) and cap tightly. You must pay attention though because you will have to use 1 tablespoon of herbs per 8 ounces of honey. Once you do that, you just have to let it sit for a week and then mix 1 teaspoon of liquid into an 8-ounce bottle of unscented lotion. And, voilá!

  • THE PERFECT CONDITIONER: Maybe you didn’t know by now, but I must tell you that honey makes the perfect conditioner too! It can not only fully replace your old conditioner but it can also enhance its properties. You can put one tablespoon of honey in your shampoo or you could make a hair mask by mixing together some honey with some olive oil and by applying the mix on your hair after you’ve washed it. Let it act for about twenty minutes and then simply rinse it off!

  • THE PERFECT LIP BALM: Did you know that you can make your own lip balm by mixing together some almond oil, beeswax and some honey? Well, goodbye dry lips! And this version is much, much healthier than any lip balm you might buy from any big cosmetic brand. I love lip balms and I’m so happy I finally know how to make my own healthy version of this beauty product that I absolutely adore!


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