One thing most entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs hardly do is try to get the opinions of their customers before creating that product or service. While your idea may be great and you see as one that has the potential of launching into a potential business, it may not be the right solution to that need of your supposed target audience.

Funny thing is that it doesn’t cost anything to get the views of these potential customers but most entrepreneurs just “assume” that there would always be a market for whatever product or service they offer in their business.

Here are some ways these prospective customers can help you:

  • See your idea through the eyes of your customer.

Sometimes the way an idea is imagined in one’s mind is not how it would actually play out for other people. Bringing it to your target audience would help you better refine and retweak it in ways in which it would work better and bring about a better business for you. Get their feedback and find out the particular thing about your idea that appeals to them. Build on that. Understanding your idea better through the eyes of your customers would help you structure it in a captivating way.

  • Identify the mistakes in the idea.

Remember that you are building that product or service not for yourself but for your prospective consumers. You should be more interested in finding out how these products/services would ACTUALLY suit them rather than how you “THINK” it would suit them. A better understanding of your target audience would help you figure out the mistakes in the idea and how you can improve them. Don’t establish your business based on assumptions. Build on facts.

  • The best description for your business.

More often than not, most entrepreneurs find it hard to talk about their products in a simplified way. It’s often a linkage of sentences which may outlive the attention span of your target audience. Your product or service description should also be one that they can easily understand and remember – basically it should be in a single sentence. This would help them easily spread the news about your business by asking questions like, “Have you heard of this ….. product?” “It is very good and is actually able to do this and this”. Avoid the use of buzzwords and focus on the actual purpose of the business.

  • Display of customer enthusiasm.

Your customer’s awareness of your proposed product or service makes you see how excited they are for it to come out. This also gives you an insight into how they would be willing to patronize you when you indeed launch into the market. Knowledge of this is also a pitch booster for your investors when you start seeking funds.

Getting a better understanding of your business idea from the group of people who will eventually become users of these products and services, builds your confidence in approaching Venture capitalists investors. This is because you no longer have an ordinary idea but a proven concept based on actual numbers rather than projections.

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