Rushing from work early in the morning makes it easy to overlook some things we dump in the bathroom and in most cases never remember to keep in the appropriate places which leads to the build of clutter in the bathroom. To avoid this, here are a list of things you should never leave in your bathroom:

Damp towels, mats and laundry:

Damp towels, mats and laundry can easily trap mould. There is no guarantee that moulds wouldn’t affect your health in any way. Moulds are known to exacerbate asthma symptoms and produce allergens which can leave you, or your family, sneezing, coughing, rubbing your eyes and generally being miserable. Which is certainly not a pleasant experience. It is best to avoid it by keeping damp towels, mats and laundry out of the bathroom.


The humidity present in your bathroom will cause your piece of jewellery to tarnish and rust, it is best to keep them in a jewellery box in your bedroom. Moreover, storing your jewellery in the bathroom can be harmful to you, a piece of jewellery on the floor can cause you to slip and hit your head it is best to avoid any form of home accident.


Your perfume and cologne bottles might be gorgeous, but the fluctuations in temperature in a bathroom can affect the contents of them! Perfumes that are exposed to constant heat and cold will naturally to lose their scent. It is best to store them in a cool and dry place.


Washing our panties and leaving them to dry indoors is a convenient option for most but it is not the best. Indoors is a convenient environment for microorganisms such as fungus to grow which breeds in moist places and this can have a negative effect on the person wearing the panties considering yeast infections are more likely to occur where underwear is damp. To avoid this infection and others similar to it,  spread your panties out in the sun.

Be mindful of these four items and keep them out of your bathroom.


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