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My early morning routine includes a wake-up exercise for my brain; this includes starring at the ceiling for about 30minutes thinking and planning my day.

This morning wasn’t an exempt only that it was filled with a lot of flashbacks, I remembered when I turned 16, all I wanted to do was to be twenty and independent.

I must be on a rollercoaster which is rolling really quickly because I’ve not only managed to zoom pass my sixteen-year-old self, I have moved past my twenty-year-old self also and a few years from now I will be thirty.

Before I  hit the big 3-0, Here are things I want to fully engage in to be successful in my thirties, whilst I believe I can be successful at any age, I also believe it is important to create opportunities and a headstart.

To be open to information:

They say knowledge is power, and I want the power it has to offer me. There’s nothing as beautiful as self-improvement, it is essential to becoming successful. In the game life, every point of life is a learning curve; be it winning or losing there’s always something to learn. I have made a promise to myself to read a book a week or two be it on my commute or reading before going to bed.

To stop stressing about time:

Stressing about things is like a talent, I have become an expert in this and I know it’s not God’s will for me. I’m a planner and when things don’t go my way I freak out, I remember the period my friends got their job and I was unemployed. I wasn’t idle that period, I was studying for my master’s degree but I was freaking out. The same thing happened when my friends began to get married and give birth to their kids, during my devotional a while back I felt the urge to read Ecclesiastes 3. It was then I understood I can do my path but I do not have the control over certain things. When it is time for them to be they would.

To Save:

Someone I look up to Career wise once told me ” Ayo you don’t want to miss out on your dreams because you refused to save” and that hit a spot in my heart. I used to be big on saving then I hit a turbulent time last year and I caught the itchy fingers bugs. I kept spending as soon as the money came in because I believed there’s more to come where that came from. However, since my mentor said that to me, I began an investment plan with Axamansard.

To learn a new language:

I’m still trying to work on this one,  at some point I began to learn French and then I stopped. I hope to start again soon. Learning a language will make my CV stand out and give me a leverage whenever a new opportunity comes up. Moreover, everything has gone international these days.

These tips are not for only for people in their twenties, they are valuable tips for all age groups.


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