Weekends aren’t always off-days for all of us. For some of us, it’s an opportunity to carry on working with less disturbance especially if you’re an entrepreneur. The roads are more free, people are mostly sleeping in and in general, more relaxed; it’s also when most people get to visit restaurants or take part in leisurely activities-so, if your business falls under this category, it stands to reason that you’ll very likely be even more busy over the weekends.

The ability to take breaks however, is essential to your self-care and general well-being. But how do you get some time off, when weekends aren’t off days for you?

We’ve drawn up a list of activities that aren’t stringent on your time and could help you unplug from your busy schedule.



What a lot of successful people have in common is their commitment to exercising. Whether it is going to the gym, tennis or football with old friends, there is always an active hobby in their life. Exercising can help you deal with stress, improves your memory and gives you more energy, some of the ingredients you need for a successful professional life.


Reflecting on their past week or even life, and how they can improve their behaviour in order to improve their career. Reflecting is always really important, whether it is reflecting on your success in life or your behaviour during certain events, in order to be the best that you can possibly be, reflection.

Don’t make plans. 

Take off a few hours in one of your weekend days where you have 0 obligations to be anywhere or do anything. Cater to yourself within this time: Are you spotting some new zits on your face? Go ahead and do that face mask you read about. Put on those white strips, go through a skin care routine, make whatever food you want (or order in!), maybe get some chores done, clean up your legs (they’ve been looking rather hairy), paint your toe nails a different shade — whatever you do, just make yourself a priority during this time.

Turn off your phone for a day. If it’s impossible to do this during the week, try to do it for one day on the weekend. Disconnect from technology and turn off all work-related business. If that’s also impossible, try deleting all your social media apps just for a day — see how you feel when there’s no pressure from the outside world. I call it the digital-detox. It’s an incredibly scary thing to do especially for those of us who live and breathe digital due to our job-type but, it’s incredibly worth it. You need those occasional breaks.

Spend an hour journaling. Reflect on your week, your goals, your blessings, and all the good things in your life. Get organized with things you want to accomplish, and make lists that’ll help clear the clutter from your thoughts, so you can enter the next week feeling on top of it all.


Give these tips a try and do let us know how it works out.



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