The importance of gratitude cannot be overstated; it has been backed by science that gratitude helps improve our well being. The best way to live a life filled with gratitude is to keep a journal, where we state all the things we are thankful for, daily. A gratitude journal helps us to live a life committed to thanksgiving and  it will serve as a good pick-me-up during our low time. Here are four other reasons keeping a gratitude journal might be a good idea.

Increased Positivity

Gratitude births positive emotions that tend to chase away pessimistic thoughts that may have found their way into our thought process. Sometimes saying the words of gratitude won’t have as great an effect as penning them down in paper.

We are happier

Positive thoughts, breed happiness. Think about it, when was the last time you were sad and thinking about something positive. Keeping a gratitude journal will help us relive positive emotions and relish happy moments we may have otherwise forgotten.

Reduced stress

Scientists have been able to prove that gratitude counters stress. When we write down all the things we are grateful for, it alleviates stress by enabling us to focus on what’s really important; all the areas in which we have truly won. It also creates motivation to attack seemingly stressful situations with renewed zest.

It takes the focus off comparison

Naturally, we tend to compare ourselves to others; placing focus on the things that others seem to be blessed with which are still in lurking in our goals list. By keeping a gratitude journal, we’re kept aware of some of the priceless blessings that we may ordinarily take advantage of… blessings that some other people may also be praying for.



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