Believe it or not, the hardest part of every makeup process is drawing a well-defined brow; drawing a good set of brows can change your look and take you from 0 to 70 in few seconds. It can bring out your eye shape, frame your face and increase your chance of getting the perfect Instagram selfie. Gone are the days when people wanted the full, thick and dark brows, now more people are opting to go natural and soft. In finding the right way to grow out, tame or maintain your brows, there are a couple of mistakes that tend to be made along the way:

Mistake 1: Choosing a dark colour

I understand you want your brows popping and people complimenting how well-defined they are, but the truth is using a very dark shade of brow pencil or filler will be doing yourself more harm than good. Chances are that they will end up looking weird, harsh and odd. It is important to pick a shade that suits your skin; try getting a shade slightly lighter or similar to your brow colour. For example, you have black brows then get a brown shade of filler or pencil to fill them in. Using a black filler or pencil will only make your brow extremely dark.

Mistake 2: Trying to make them look identical

Your brows are not identical so don’t try making them look the same; you can attempt to make them similar, in order not to make them look too different. Always think of your brows as sisters and not twins.

Mistake 3: Filling them in front the front

This is the worst thing you can possibly do when filling your brow; remember you are trying to achieve a natural look and filling them from the front automatically cancels this. Always start from the middle to the end, then use the leftover powder on the brush to gently touch the front of the brows. This will help create a natural transition for your brows and helps you achieve a soft look.

Mistake 4: Having a heavy hand

Never put too much pressure on your brows when filling them they might end up looking too strong and harsh. When using brow definers, always apply them softly like you are shading and not necessarily drawing; only fill places where you have no brow and use a brow brush to blend the rest in; in case you want to achieve a fuller brow look, you can slightly, fill in areas where hair is present but remember not to use a heavy hand.



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