1. The bill was passed which allowed women to drive 

In September 2017, the bill was passed which would now allow women to drive from 20 June, 2018 ending the longstanding policy in the ultra-conservative country which had previously criminalised the act of women driving motor vehicles. This move was quite phenomenal for the country as it would mean that more women could become active in the workplace and even in politics. Beforehand, women had to utilise some of their salary on hiring a driver who could take them around. Eliminating this expense, would do well for their pockets too.

2. Not even a year after the bill was passed, the crowned prince, Mohammed bin Salman has announced that the country is working towards equalising pay of male and female. This is a huge leap from the country who didn’t even allow women to drive a few months back. Suffice to say that Saudi Arabia is making giant strides in the area

He said this in an interview on CBS News program “60 Minutes.”

Asked if women are equal, the prince said: “Absolutely. We are all human beings and there is no difference.”

He continued, saying: “We are working on an initiative, which we will launch in the near future, to introduce regulations ensuring equal pay for men and women.”

According to Argaam, Prince Mohammed has been working on plans to increase the number of women in the workforce from 22% to 30% by 2030.

Key among the plans was the decree by King Salman allowing women to drive.

Saudi women have “still have not received their full rights,” Prince Mohammed said. “There are rights stipulated in Islam that they still don’t have. We have come a very long way and have a short way to go.”

3. The eagerness to entrench rights that will move women forward. 

From his interview, it is clear that the prince looks forward to enforcing more regulation which will ensure that women are given equality in the socio-economic area of the country’s governance. He was quoted as saying:

 Saudi women still have not received their full rights.

What else is not to love about this country who fully acknowledges their wrongdoings in the past and are speedily looking to make changes?



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