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I’m sure from my stories about my daily commute, you can tell that Lagos is a vibrant and energetic hub. Often described as the city that never sleeps and the powerhouse of Nigeria.

The city is extraordinary, filled with people who are willing to the extra mile both with their hustle and love life.

It’s Friday and we all can’t wait to unwind to relieve the stress we’ve experienced during the course of the week. Being the hopeful romantic that I am, I will be sharing 3 romantic and cosy places that are perfect for a romantic date in Lagos.

The Ice Cream Factory:

It is located at 5, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1. It is a premier dessert restaurant in the city of Lagos, their ice-cream is one to die for and if I were to describe it I will say it is a slice of heaven. At the Ice-cream factory, you will experience a romantic and peaceful ambience, it’s one of the choicest places to express your love to your partner.


Sailor’s Lounge:

Sailor’s Lounge is a lounge with the ambience of a sea view that compliments the atmosphere for unwinding, business networking and water view. The lounge is sub-divided into three sections; Sailor’s Bar, Captain’s Cabin and Captain’s Deck. I honestly believe the beauty of the lounge is at night, there’s a magical feeling that comes with sipping a glass of red wine and looking across the sea. If you haven’t been there before, you should head there this weekend.


Cafe Jade:

Cafe brings that indoor vibe, it is a  is a modern bistro/restaurant. The restaurant has an array of Desserts, Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurt, Tea, Coffee, Burgers and of course yummy Cocktails. FREE WIFI is also available. You might want to go there in the afternoon unwind with your partner and then head out to a beach.


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