Everyone knows relationships are hard and they take effort to maintain which can sometimes disappoint you; are wondering why they don’t always continue to be the same just like the beginning when everything seemed relatively easy, no fights, disagreements, no one freaked out, you always wanted to talk every single time and just go to restaurants to have lunch.  Well, that’s because real life began to hit you two and other things took away your attention.

But whatever the case maybe loyalty is key and having to know that someone is ever there for you is just enough assurance to keep the relationship going. Below are 3 helpful ways to build loyalty in your relationship.

Practice Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another; it allows you to appreciate someone else’s feelings without feeling them or losing sight of whose feelings are whose. Empathy simply means being able to put yourself in other person shoes by showing genuine emotion towards a situation. Relationship expert Dr Gary Brown said this is one of the most important keys to building love and loyalty.” By sharing in shouldering that burden alongside with them, you will not only prove to your partner that their problems are now yours as well, but it will also help to establish trust.

Become an Active Listener

Don’t always be that kind of partner that loves to talk every single time; sometimes it pays to listen to what the other person is saying and when our partner knows that you are actually listening and understanding what they are saying verbally and non-verbally they will likely feel more loved. It also helps partners have more meaningful conversations subsequently.

Share Experiences

If there is something you enjoy doing it could be mountain climbing, horse riding, going to the cinema, watching sports or bowling then try as much as possible to involve them. Sharing experiences helps you guys build memories and make history. Whenever your partner looks back on the shared adventure, they will partly associate that moment of happiness and security with you and this is a level of understanding that loyalty is derived from.

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