There are certain expenses we just can’t do without. ‘Cos a boss babe has to look like one. Right? But, what if there were more cost-effective ways to achieve this?

Here are a few instances we can all relate to and a few tips & tricks to dealing with them without breaking bank:

When a visit to the Salon is making a dent on your pocket

Invest in some good hair-care products and dedicate a day to self-care. That’s how I got started with caring for my hair when I lived abroad and it was pretty expensive to visit the hairdresser. Lucky for us, technology is also at our fingertips and we’re able to Youtube everything. A particular fave is Naptural85. With a following of nearly 1 million subscribers, you can rest assured that she gives good hair care advice from caring for your hair to growing it out.

When your best scent has nearly run out

Perfume is not cheap. In many instances, the best, long-lasting, designer scents will have you saving up to comfortably afford them. So, imagine the horror when you’ve realised that your favourite perfume is nearly done and the way your bank account is set up… let’s just say perfume is the least of your concerns. I learnt about this hack from Nigeria’s number 1 fashion man, Denola Grey who has just recently started his own Vlogging channel. He shares the idea of mixing your favorite scent with lotion to make it last longer. Apparently, it works best if said lotion is unscented. Then you can take your scent with you everywhere you go once you lather on your lotion. You also elongate the time period left for your perfume to completely run out.

When getting rid of hair in unwanted places has become super expensive

Now we all know battery shavers, hair removal creams and laser are all so expensive. What’s worse? they don’t seem to be getting less expensive anytime soon. So what if I told you, you could get rid of the hair on your legs and armpits using solely natural ingredients at a whopping cost of N300 which is less than a dollar? I know, this hack absolutely gives me life too and trust Torera, our favourite DIY girl to come up with it. All you’ll need are: A cup of lemon juice, 1.5 cups of sugar (she used white sugar in the video) and 1/4 cup of water which you’ll bring to the boil, stir a little till hardened and you’ll have your sugar wax-signed, sealed, delivered. For a play by play method on how to get it done, visit DIY DOSE and her 3-minute video will show you just how.

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