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Lizzy Omoragbon

Also known as @thediylady on Instagram, is definitely someone you should follow on Instagram if you need the inspiration to go on with your everyday life.  A beauty blogger, photographer and nurse, the story behind this amazing lady would leave you speechless. Lizzy conquers her world regardless of not being able to use her legs, since March 2008 due to an accident she was involved in which affected her spinal cord at C4 level. Lizzy who tags herself ‘ojabokofo’ a Yoruba word meaning, ‘though I fell, I didn’t break’ is a lady living a purpose driven life designed by God; ordinarily, visiting her Instagram page gives you a breath of fresh air and leaves you wondering how a lady strives to live her best life against all odds. She is passionate about fashion, makeup and everything lifestyle; for Lizzy, she sees her wheelchair as a throne, used solely for the purpose of mobility which doesn’t stop her from dressing how she wants or limits her from living a fulfilling life. For her, being disabled is not a plague and she strongly believes she would walk again. Lizzy who got married in 2016 recently announced her pregnancy on social media.

Tiyani Majoko

This 30-year-old lady, is a lawyer and entrepreneur with an LLB degree from the University of Pretoria, a Commercial Law and Advanced Commercial Law certificate from the Black Lawyers Association, she has a diploma in Crisis Management from Harvard Manage Mentor, a Business and Entrepreneurship certificate from University of Notre Dame and a certificate from the Gordon School of Business Science (“GIBS”); she is also an alumnae of the highly prestigious Mandela-Washington Fellowship. Known as @tey_carter on Instagram, she is the co-founder of a legal consultancy firm ‘LAWGISTICS’ aimed at disrupting the status quo of law by utilising dynamic, young leadership and a collaborative work model. Tiyani is a perfect example of the saying ‘I refuse to be a product of circumstance’ as it would surprise you to know that her lawyer mother and 2 siblings were brutally murdered by her uncle when she was only 13-years-old. Tiyani is also the perfect symbol that can be used to describe the strength of a woman because she continues to fly no matter the circumstance or situation.

Adenike Oyetunde

This young lady was diagnosed with cancer at age 20 and lost her limbs as a result of this but wasn’t deterred as she went on to become a lawyer, OAP and an activist. For her, her strength comes from God alone and from viewing her Instagram page you can tell @adenikeoyetunde is a bundle of excitement and positivity. She currently uses her life and social media accounts to help and encourage cancer and amputee patients.




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