Sometimes it takes being a superhuman to get all your work done in 24hours, it gets more challenging if you live in Africa; traffic, epileptic power supply, bad roads and more. Finding ways to work around these vices mostly reduce the 24hours and making it almost impossible to get work done. The best way to reduce this workload and maximise time is to stay organized. How do you achieve that? By becoming tech-savvy and downloading productivity Apps on your phone.

Everyone walks around with a “smartphone” these days, how about you take advantage of that with these Apps:


Toggl is a time tracking app, to help you get things done. It is useful for everyone; entrepreneurs, freelancers and 9-5 employees. Toggl will give you a track record of where all your time is going and help you work smart.


This App makes you feel like a dignitary by being your “chief of staff.” Dignitaries, ministers, senators, governors and presidents are the ones with a chief of staff, accompany corrects that –  I digress. It does all the research you need to prepare for big meetings by emailing you a compact briefing beforehand. It examines your personal data and goes through biographies and other information online to create summaries of each of your contacts by accessing your google mail, phone calendar, facebook and twitter accounts.  Literally, it does all the hard work for you.



It helps you tick off your personal and professional to-do list, by getting them to be in sync. It is a cloud-based task-management application, which makes sharing grocery lists, working collaboratively on projects or planning household activities easier. It syncs with your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your lists from anywhere.

Was this article helpful? Which of these apps do you have?


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