Few weeks back I stared at the face of my Ex and I couldn’t recognise who stood before me. It wasn’t a messy break-up or now that I think about it, I’m not so sure.
It was a mutual agreement. Breaking up was the reasonable option we could think off. Although, I wasn’t interested in being reasonable at the time but my Ex. He is the man you need whenever you need to make someone reasonable (He’s good at borrowing people sense and No! He isn’t abusive at all)
We had sunk our feet deep into the relationship before realising that we were both genotype in-compatible. The night we found out was a nightmare. I felt my heart leap out of my chest to the floor and I watched it break to shards. The tears won’t come immediately but six months after my eyes became an uncontrollable tap.
I stared at him hopelessly, the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth and for a long time I couldn’t breathe. He placed his arms on my shoulders and started whispering “Babe it’s okay, we will be just fine there are ways to go about things like that this. There are several medical procedures we can go through”
Too astound to speak I stared at his face, his eyes bored into mine with expectations not wanting to hurt his feelings any further I began to nod my head continuously as he spoke. I began to believe him since he sounded like he knew what he what he was saying.
I made up my mind not to tell my family members about it since my Ex said he had it under taps and we would be fine. I went by my business only for my Ex to say that he spoke with his siblings and they thought it will be financial and emotion efficient if we went our separate places.
I had disagreed but my Ex began to make me see reasons, all he said sounded really sensible and I agreed but I wasn’t in any way ready to stop talking to him immediately or stop seeing him either. However, Ex thought that was best and whenever I reached out I couldn’t help but to feel like a total nuisance.
My eyes poured out all my frustrations. I was dejected, betrayed, heartbroken and weak. I became light weight because I wasn’t eating and I was constantly lost in thought. Eventually, I stopped reaching out.
Albeit not immediately I decided to take charge of what was left of my broken heart, I picked up a box and I began to drop all that was left of him inside the box. It challenged me mentally but I knew it had to be done.
I dint realise I had packed all that was left of him out of the closet my heart is until I saw him last week. I had walked past him just like another stranger on the street when he tapped my shoulders gently. I said a quick hello and was about to be on my way when he began to get familiar with me. Calling me babe and asking me personal questions.
“I was his all through my early twenties, I’m 25 now and definitely not his” I shook my head and walked away leaving questions unanswered and words unsaid.

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