In a world filled with so much craziness, it is quite easy to lose your self-worth if you are not careful. This era of social media has so hyped the “fake life” that most people find themselves struggling to live above their means. People strive to become like others and no longer find anything of value in themselves.

Be it in skin tone, colour, appearance, fashion sense, the manner of speaking, etc., most people are caught in the web of finding themselves and appreciating themselves for who they really are. So many people have long lost their identity, hence preventing the star in them from shinning ever so brightly.

In this crazy world, we have to learn to keep our cool and not lose our heads so we do not become lost in the crowd but stand out like we are born to be.

How is that going to happen? For starters, you need to know that:

  • You are awesome: Get this straight…you are awesome and an absolute beauty. There is no one else like you in this life and there will never be. You need to first of all appreciate and truly love yourself enough to know that.
  • You deserve the best: I need you to understand something….. You are not ordinary hence shouldn’t settle for such. You are an amazing person with awesome talents. You can have that great life you dream about and sure, you absolutely deserve it. Pay no mind to anyone or voice in your head that tells you any different.
  • You are not different, YOU ARE SPECIAL: Are you going about with the idea in your head that you are always the odd one in everything? Oh, not at all. Contrary to what others might think. You are a special one who only needs to find his/her right niche in life to excel.
  • Stop being stereotyped: Don’t be so programmed or stereotyped in life. You are not a robot and can unlearn things that are of no value to you. There is a beautiful world out there for you to see and live in and it was created just for you. So live and be glad you did.
  • No more “What Ifs”: Life is a risk. The more you cower behind the question “What if”, the more life passes you by and you live none of it. Malcolm X said, “We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.” Have you ever wondered, “What if not?” Dare to be yourself. Ask questions. Live a well-informed life and do not be a robot. Push beyond your limits and be knowledge thirsty. You have the ability to think, understand and comprehend. Don’t let the world do this for you. Do this for yourself.
  • Make a habit of reading: Aha! This is very essential if you are going to have a mind revamp. Reading reinvents you. It brings out the special powers in you that you had no idea you possessed by igniting your imagination and creative centre. It broadens your knowledge and resuscitates your mind. I strongly believe you can travel the world a million times through reading and it sets you on the course to greatness.
  • Challenge yourself to be your best: Don’t hide within the borders or limits you have created for yourself. You can do more. You are so much more than you know and so much more than you think. Fear is so outdated and out of style. The trending fashion statement now is CONFIDENCE. This quality exhumes such great aura and the awesome side you never knew you had. Stop lazying about and challenge yourself to achieve more.
  • Change your “hanging out” crowd: You can’t aspire to be great and still hang around others who don’t share the same dreams as you. Change your “hanging out” crowd. Be more in the company of people who have like minds with you. It’s not discrimination but the truth is people around you matter a lot. Like minds build a stronger fortitude for you as it affords you the right people to share and bounce ideas off of. You can’t choose to make a great success of yourself and your hanging out crowd would be people who think the sun rises and sets in the beer pub each day. How is that going to work?
  • Live healthily: Having enough exercises, eating healthy, taking enough fluids, fruits and vegetables is a good way to keep your physical and mental self in shape. Don’t indulge so much in junk foods. You need to be in great shape and sound mind.
  • Build your self-confidence: There is nothing as appealing as self-confidence. It’s like a magnet that attracts people to you. You speak, people listen. You enter a room, your presence is felt. Self-confidence is not intimidation. It is simply classy and powerful. Self-Confidence is friendly, humble, beautiful and attractive. It is the power you have in yourself and it is the carriage you give yourself. This makes people have a second look at you as if to say, “Who is that interesting and confident personality?”
  • Dress Elegantly: Remember the quote, “Dress the way you want to be addressed”? Well, that says it all. You want to be addressed like an executive CEO, dress like one. You could be a perfect gentleman but because you are dressed shabbily, you would be addressed shabbily. You do not wear the placard, “CEO” around your neck. This is not to say you have to wear the most expensive clothes in town. All I am saying is simply dress smart and modest. Don’t overdo things. Simplicity speaks volumes.
  • Stay connected to God: Nothing you do is by your power. All we are and all of our being belongs to God. Do you want to have a total makeover from the inside out? It begins with God. He is the sole source of true happiness, true love and true fulfilment in life. With Him, you have everything you could possibly want out of life – GUARANTEED. I can testify to this. Connect with Him through prayer.

A great life begins with a change of mindset. You can live that dream life you want. All you need do is decide to live it and work towards it and you would get it. It isn’t far-fetched, trust me. It’s absolutely within your reach.

What other way do you think you can live more happily, add more value to you and stop being unfair to yourself? I can’t wait to read from you.

PHOTO CREDIT: WaAfrika Online

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