No matter how psychologically tired we get, we can always come alive again. Here are some amazing ways to bounce back and get our lives back on track except this time we become happier and see life from a different perspective:

  • Stay Positive: It is imperative to keep a positive mind always irrespective of how low you feel. Keep repeating constructive and encouraging mantras, “It’s going to turn out for the best”, “I am going to be fine”, “It is well”, “I can and will survive this”. As much as you say them, believe them. You have no idea how much is borne out of positivity and ridding yourself of negative thoughts. It not only keeps you happy and doesn’t let situations overwhelm you, but it also helps keep stress at bay. No matter how difficult, try to think happy thoughts always.
  • Enjoy good music: An unknown author said, “When you are happy, you enjoy the music, when you are sad, you understand the lyrics”. Listen to music with good and positive lyrics. When you are psychologically tired, you are at a stage where you sometimes don’t give a care for the world. You feel like “whatever wants to happen should happen”. At such a point, you are on the verge of giving up. Your spirit and mind are vulnerable hence it is extremely vital that what you feed your inner self with is spirit lifting and positive. Calm gospel songs, meditative songs, motivating songs are really good because though you may think you are not listening, the lyrics of the songs are being fed to your subconscious. Remember, you act what you think.
  • Self-Control: Always keep in mind that we only have control over our own thoughts and actions. We do not have control over the thoughts and actions of others neither do we have control over life circumstances –the good, bad and the ugly. Learn to develop positive coping skills to situations (which allows you to handle and deal with these situations not suppress them). For example, for anger issues, I learnt from Fairy Mary in the cartoon, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasures, to count numbers may be from 1 -100 or 1 – 1000 before saying anything to help you become calm before the words start flying out of your mouth. If this takes care of anger, how about other issues? Some people use stress balls to help them think. Just find whatever positively help you cope with stressful issues and imbibe it.
  • Avoid blaming yourself for issues beyond your control: You are only responsible for your own actions. Don’t subject yourself to the unnecessary torture of blame. If it’s not your fault, then it isn’t your fault. Don’t make it yours. Taking the blame unnecessarily doesn’t make you a hero or martyr. One day, you are just going to snap especially when you have taken so much blame for things you never did. Stop hurting your psyche in that way.
  • Read! Read! Read!: One of the many habits that keep the mind active and healthy is the habit of reading. Nigerians especially, lack a reading culture. When it comes to reading, we are a lazy bunch. I guess that’s why the saying, “If you want to hide something from a black man, hide it in a book” – unknown. We hate to read and this is not good. Aside from the fact that it broadens your knowledge base, reading improves your vocabulary, language and writing skills, there are loads of wisdom and solutions to problems in those black and white pages you avoid to read. It is not magical. For you to have more knowledge, become a better person, become smarter, more intelligent, more creative, you need to read. It is not rocket science. It is a fact.
  •  Brainteasers: Puzzles, games and brainteaser are other good ways of expanding and keeping the mind active. Games like Scrabble, chess, word games, are just as brain tasking as they are fun.
  • Let the past go: Stop holding on to the past. Learn to let it go. There is nothing to be gained from hanging on to the baggage of the past save pain and more excruciating pain. Stop dwelling on issues. The past is in the past. “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” –unknown. Learn from your mistakes. Forgive yourself, forgive others and move on.
  •  Self-development: Especially in the area of acquiring new skills, this is another way to keep the brain and mind super excited and active because you are learning something new. Challenge yourself into learning new things – a new language, exploring that hidden hobby or talent of yours, trying new tasks. Creative thinking unlocks those hidden parts of your mind revealing those talents and potentials you never knew you possessed. This builds your self-esteem and makes you, even more, confident.
  • Self-love: Loving yourself and your life in a healthy way makes it more meaningful and pleasant. I don’t mean loving yourself in an all-consuming and narcissistic manner. I mean discovering who you are, what you are, what your talents, passions, skills and potentials are and how they would help you become who you want to be. Understanding these helps you lead a good, happy and purposeful life. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you are on the right path of your life. The world is a better place if each of us can discover who we are, our purpose and work towards it.
  • Balance all aspects of your life: Have a healthy balance in the various facets of your life – career, family, relationship, spiritual, academic etc. Stay organized and give attention to every necessary thing and person in your life. Don’t let one aspect suffer lack of attention because you are so focused on another. For example, side-lining your family and spiritual life because of work. Staying organized gives you good control of your life.

PHOTO CREDIT: HelloBeautiful

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