As you grow older, you realize that there are some people who just need to be laid off because they really add no value to your life. They just prevent you from growing or developing and want you to just remain at their own level of thinking. We are most times, exposed to different experiences in life. As we do, we become wiser and more mature, especially in our thought process.

We begin to understand that we’ve only got one chance to make the most of this gift called LIFE and to do this, WE NEED TO GROW UP.

For you to make progress in life; for you to make an ultimate success of your life, you need to stay away from some particular people not out of hatred or because you loathe them, but because you don’t wish to stay stagnant anymore. You now have focus, direction and bigger dreams.

You realize now that life means a lot than you are settling for. You see the much potential you have and the great positive impact you can have on others….. You see the big difference you can create in the world. Sure you may not be able to change the people around you but you sure can change your hanging out crowd and close pals if they are unhealthy for your growth and development.

Now what “STILL” people should you keep away from? 

  • Still Ungrateful People: These people always see the glass as half empty. There is hardly anything that they are satisfied with. Ingratitude is the crux of contemptibility. They simply fail to appreciate anything not even the gift of life.
  • Still Complaining People: These are the type of people who you could call the nagging ones. They never tire of complaining about the unfairness of life or other people as much as they do nothing about it. It almost feels like it is their job to complain but they are not paid for it. They are always angry and never see anything good about life. The most annoying thing is they don’t get off their behind to change the situation. Instead, they just sit still and complain day in, day out.
  • Still Hating People: There is nothing as vile and evil as hate. It corrupts your soul and gives out very dark aura. There is nothing friendly or happy about people who hate. All they think about is vengeance or hateful thoughts about others. You don’t see them rejoice with those who are happy. They do all within their power to tear others down. They don’t grow and they don’t want others to grow.
  • Still Looking-for-faults People: These people are specialists in looking for faults in others. They seek for faults in others as though there is a price to be won for it and the sad thing is that they hardly do anything about their own. In fact, they do not even acknowledge faults of their own. They are the type to point the speck in another’s eyes while theirs is blinded by a big log. 
  • Still Victim People: These are the people who specialize in pity-party. Life dealt them some blows and they just can’t seem to get over it. They lament over and over and keep playing the victim card to get pity from other people. These kind of people are very uninteresting and uninspiring to hang around with. They can weigh down your spirit with their pity stories and sad tales.
  • Still Manipulating People: These kind of people are very good at making others go on guilt trips. They keep reminding them of that wrong they did and make them pay for it all their life. They always hound others and consistently play the victim card to make them do what they want. They brag with the “non-existent power” they supposedly have because the people they manipulate keep giving in to their demands.
  • Still Goalless and Aimless People: These people don’t have dreams and have not the slightest idea what to do with their lives. For some of them, life begins and end at the pub. They have no set goals to work towards. They have small minds and are afraid to dream at all let alone dream big because they don’t think they can accomplish it. They are crumpled by fear of the unknown and don’t even bother setting out to try anything.
  • Still Gossip People: These are specialists in talking about others and the funny thing is they never see the good to talk about. They talk about the weakness of others and even add rumours to make the “story” more juicy and interesting when they are telling it.
  • Still Negative Temperamental People: These are people who do not have control over their emotions. They turn on others as though they were the cause of whatever their issues are. They are volatile and being around them is like walking on eggshells.

Life is what we make it and I can tell you it is more beautiful each passing day depending on how you see it. Stay away from these sets of people and you can see your life changing for the best. 


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