Bad habits in the workplace


As we prepare to close out another year and press reset, you’re most likely compiling a list of resolutions and great goals for 2018. There’s something so refreshing about a fresh start.

Your list might comprise of career goals, fitness and even relationships: cue the 2018 hashtags. But what goals have you made in your professional life to advance your career? Very often our goals comprise of moving further in our career, maybe even getting higher up in our finances and a good promotion but do we realise that sometimes, those goals are within reach but for a few havitsa that have subconsciously sabotaging it such as: spending too much time surfing the ‘net, gossiping or constantly interrupting everyone with questions? This may not sound like big deal at first, but these habits are in reality cutting into your productivity.

Take it from us, crossing off one (or more) of these pesky practices will make your work life a whole lot brighter as we finish out the last quarter of the year and head into 2018. Ahead, we’ve created a list of 10 horrible habits that are undermining your career. 

1.  Arriving to work late

Although you may think rolling in a few minutes late every day is innocent, no employer will take you serious when you appear to not care about your position. In the work world, 15 minutes early is on time; on time is late!

The early bird gets the promotion.

2. Going to work tired from a late night

If you feel awful from lack of sleep, you’ll perform like you need some sleep. Please believe it will also reflect in the quality of your work and your employers will take notice.


3. Staying at a job you hate

Beginning to dread the morning commute? It may be a sign you’re ready to find new employment. Learn a new skill. Take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. But never grow resentful or angry in a position you’re clearly not passionate about.

4. Taking extended lunch hours

Co-workers may perceive this behavior as being above the rules. This is a sure fire way to alienate yourself.

5. Cowering at meetings

Next time you have a staff meeting come with pen and paper in hand, print-outs, and your thoughts. Most employers would rather you have an opinion, than none at all. So, speak up! 

6. Isolating yourself

Your employer, co-workers, even HR should know your name. This is a great way to stay in the loop and learn about career opportunities before they hit the job board.

7. Spending too much time on social media

Staying in the social loop is enticing. We get it. But spending too much time on Facebook and Instagram derails you from really engaging in your work. The same goes for complaining about work on social media. It’s all fun and games, until that funny Instagram post rubs your boss the wrong way.

8. Exposing your co-workers to the plague

Ever heard of sick days? Take them! By coming into work a sneezing, dripping, drowsy mess, you’re putting everyone around you at risk.

 9. Texting  

You know who you are! I can recall a time where I walked up to a co-worker to borrow a pen, only to be blinded by the package picture she received just a minute before. Imagine if it were your manager… or worse, a client.

10. Gossiping

Sometimes you just need to vent. We get it. But save it for your commute home. Consider comments about your co-workers off limits whether it be text, email or direct message.

Have a bad workplace habit you’ve broken? Let us in on the comments below.

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  1. winifred

    this is a very good write up. the only habit i can identify with myself is number three. i really do not like my place of work but i am great at it. but the energy and my energy do not sync and honestly that depresses me. Middle of this year i decided to quit irrespective of the fact that i had no job , but friends and family advised me against it if not for anything i have responsiblity that the salary(my salary is very low) is easing off. and i stayed. So that is my dilemma.

  2. Toyin Ale

    I seriously need to work on no 1.But I’ll not wait for d new year before I work on it.i’m going to start now and do all I can to be consistent.

  3. Toyin Ale

    Thank you so much for your inspiring and helpful articles.I seriously need to work on no 1.But I’ll not wait for d new year before I work on it.i’m going to start now and do all I can to be consistent.

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