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We are on a mission to unlock the God given potential of women all over the world.

Our Story

Flourish Africa is the women empowerment movement founded by Mrs Folorunso Alakija to serve as a catalyst for female empowerment and development. Borne out of her passion to see women become truly fulfilled and empowered, the Flourish Africa movement is designed to create a platform for both female millennials and adults alike, to have access to information that will help them grow in the areas of career, living, love and relationship and inspirational messages from leading change-makers. The “Flourish Africa” concept stems from Mrs Alakija’s assertion that “many women have the potential to be great. If we form a community of like-minded individuals who share a common goal and purpose, we can pull together, make an impact in every community we find ourselves and ultimately, flourish”.

Our Programs

The Flourish Africa Conference

Be inspired, empowered and equipped at our annual Flourish Africa conference with valuable skills to help you transform your life and your business. We bring together like minded women to discuss obstacles that all too often stand in the way of success and how to overcome them. Passion, leadership, spirituality and action are our core foundation which will ultimately lead you to flourish. 

The Flourish Africa Masterclass

Our quarter brings you an empowering and inspiring opportunity to hear from nationally recognized leaders to help you transform your business as well as grow as a leader in your chosen field. If you are looking to grow personally, professionally, and even spiritually, then our quarterly masterclass programs are just what you need.

Flourish Africa Mentorship Brunch

The Flourish Africa mentorship brunch is our life-changing sessions with our inspirational founder Mrs. Folorunso Alakija. Our carefully selected audience enjoy an intimate session with one of the most accomplished and inspirational business and spiritual leaders in Africa. This rare opportunity provides our participants to learn the valuable life skills from the woman who is celebrated as one of the world’s most powerful and inspirational leaders.

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