Donning a Victoria’s secret blazer, smelling pretty good and walking in eye-catching stilettos are not the only ways that could get necks straining to catch a glimpse of you at work.

Oh yes! You’re conscientious, polite, and deadline-oriented. You show up on time every day. Your long-term professional goals are well-defined, and you work toward them consistently but that’s not enough.

You are surrounded by similarly high-achieving colleagues, these attributes may not be enough to make you stand out especially if you’re employed by a large organization.

Staying low might be be admirable but if you don’t toot your horn, Madam Busy Bee will never get seen Here’s what you can do differently:

Offer to Take on New Projects

Lending a helping hand before someone has to ask you makes you look proactive and team-oriented. So, instead of waiting to possibly be recruited for additional responsibilities, offer to take them on at the get-go.

Don’t let the fact that it’s not your project or your usual team get in your way. If you need to learn new skills, all the better. Stretching yourself helps you build experience and increases your value within the company.

Speak Up at Company Meetings

You may not always have specific examples or data that jumps to mind. That’s OK. The willingness to put yourself out and say something carries enormous weight. Not only that, but simply speaking up is likely to make your attendance more memorable.

Get in the Mindset to Hear Constructive Feedback

Constructive is the operative word here. Criticism stings, so it’s human nature to initially fear or turn away from it.

But to identify areas for growth, you’ll need to listen instead. Then ask yourself honestly if there’s any merit to the other person’s points.

It will take effort. But your readiness to go above and beyond at work effectively changes the game and ups your ante!

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