What if dreaming big was an impossibility? What if Thomas Edison didn’t imagine the light bulb or didn’t even try to push harder despite 1000 failed attempts? What if Alexander Graham Bell didn’t imagine communication with people at far distances using just a portable device like the telephone? How would there be global communication in the world today?

All the innovations and inventions that have happened today and are even still happening, are as a result of someone’s dream and determination to make that dream come true.

Imagination sure opens the door of possibilities and potentials. Some people may call your dream, “living in a fool’s paradise”, or “building castles in the air”. Let them say what they want to say. It is your job to prove them wrong and when you have succeeded, your success will laugh in their faces. 

Don’t cower under the pretence of fantasies. Feel free to imagine. Do not pretend to do so. The so-called fantasizing is allowing yourself to explore the possibilities of that dream in your subconscious and unconsciously paving ways to make that dream/fantasy, a reality.

Without imaginations, we would have no creativity and where there is a lack of creativity, life is mundane and boring. Nothing is new. Everything is routine which frankly is profoundly dreary and uninteresting. 

Creativity opens the mind to a whole new world; doing old things in new ways and this is powered by imaginations. The upgrades in technology – software applications, automobiles etc., are as a result of developers thinking way outside the box. 

Take vehicles for example…..why do all the Fords, Toyotas, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and other models keep inventing and upgrading their previous models? It is because, in their minds, they know they can do better.

In their creative minds, why use a key in the ignition when a button would suffice? Why would two exhaust pipes in an SUV prove to be better than one? Why upgrade ordinary cassette players to CD players or MP3 in the car? 

Everything is all about creativity. It’s all about imaginations and possibilities. If a man can be placed on the moon, trust me, you can achieve anything. There is no cost for dreaming. If there is a place a poor man can be a king, it is in his land of imagination; if there is a place where a security guard can be the CEO of a company, it is in his dream and these could actually become reality if he works towards it.

Do not allow your dreams to remain dreams. Work towards making them real. Bring your imaginations to life. It begins with a positive attitude and having faith in yourself. Stop listening to that moral killing voice in your head that tells you your dream can never come true.

Photo Credit: Brain Institute Blog

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