A needy partner? Not me! You may have screamed it loud but things could have taken a U-turn.

It can happen to anyone. You tell yourself you will never fall into the trap of being that emotionally needy woman who wants constant reassurance from her partner. And then all of a sudden you become the girl who needs constant attention from her significant other. You want to see him all the time, if a text or call doesn’t come you start to go crazy, and in turn, you begin to suffocate him.

This kind of behaviour will inevitably potentially ruin your relationship. But if you sense you’re becoming that person there’s a solution, take a deep breath and stop being so needy. This can help:

Take a deep breath and realize he does truly care about you, that’s why he is with you. You don’t need him to literally be there every second to be sure of this. Have some faith. Learn to trust him. Give him the benefit of the doubt, if he says he is busy BELIEVE it (else if he had given you reasons to doubt him prior to now.)

Don’t start to panic that he is distancing himself from you and attempting to find an exit strategy just because he hasn’t texted back in 10 minutes. He is probably legitimately busy, and you should be too.

Plus stop putting so much pressure on yourself and your significant to make this the perfect relationship, nothing and no one is 100% perfect.

It might sound cliche but if you can’t love yourself and take care of yourself how can your significant other? You need to take care of your own needs, you can’t just rely on your partner to do all the work!

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