This year, 2020 has indeed been an eventful year thus far and not so much in the positive light. It’s been six months already and a lot of people have known pain and loss due to the deaths of loved ones either to the Coronavirus pandemic or some other reason. The world has been torn apart and people tend to live in fear of uncertainty. Who knows what tomorrow would bring with it? What are those landmarks we are creating with our lives that would stand as monuments of celebration after we are gone?

In other words, life is too short to live unhappily. Life is too short to live without a purpose, hiding under the umbrella of procrastination. Now is the only moment we have and so we have to live in the present and not in the regrets of the past or the fear of the future. How can we live happily and purposefully? Here are some tips:

  •  Let go of worry. Worry can only be identified as a time stealer and a purpose killer. It doesn’t help to resolve any issues instead, it compounds them and only makes us more miserable. Instead of worrying, focus on the things you have control over and can change and ignore those things you have no control over. Life must happen but it is how we react to it that matters.
  • Let go of revenge. Too many people have lost their lives following this path called revenge. It never leads to anything good but it is a vicious circle of never-ending hatred that continues to ruin lives. Contrary to popular belief, revenge never makes anyone feel good. It would never provide you with that much satisfaction your heart yearns for but plunges you into more sorrow. In fact, the best form of revenge is to lead good and successful lives. Don’t play the same game of evil or hatred as those who supposedly hate you and seek your downfall. By doing this you become one of them and not any better. Focus on fulfilling your dreams. That is the best form of revenge.
  • Let go of toxic people. The kind of people ergo energy you keep with you matters a lot, more than you know. Toxic people breeds negative energy and they are nothing but bad news. You don’t need such negative vibes around you because it saps your happiness. Get rid of them and surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you, people who will always support you when you need them. With such people, your world would definitely be a better place.

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