If there is one benefit that can be acknowledged during the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the fact that the earth was afforded an opportunity to heal when the world was shut down. There were no industrial fumes or pollution as everyone was locked in their houses. The world has become so toxic in this industrialisation era that we find ourselves worrying about a range of things, from toxic products to toxic thoughts and we begin to focus on the fact that life is toxic.

How can we detoxify our homes, communities, ourselves and maintain a healthy living space?

  • Home detoxification: In our homes, we can start with reusable grocery bags to decrease the amount of plastic we use. We might also choose to buy nontoxic Baby Wipes for the kids, get electricity from renewable sources etc. Our everyday choices go a long way to impact the life we live in our homes.
  • Mental and Emotional detoxification: Oftentimes, we are very unkind to ourselves and others with the type of thoughts that fill our minds or even the words that come out from our mouths. We are quick to notice and dwell on our flaws but can be so blind to our strengths. The importance of decluttering our minds cannot be overemphasized because only then would we be able to see how great we are and the potentials we have. We are capable of so much if only we allow ourselves. Sometimes, we may require the help of a therapist to help us through any trauma we might have experienced. Keep your mind healthy and your thoughts clean so you can keep the flow of positive energy around you. The more organized you can make your home the more at ease you will feel in it and the more able you will be able to ignore toxic thoughts as they come up. You are amazing and how are you going to make sure that you remember you are awesome?
  • Community detoxification: Using the pay it forward strategy, we would be able to be kinder and more generous to others and even our environment. Even on social media, we can be kind with our comments towards other people and spread more love instead of tearing people down with tweets or Instagram or Facebook messages.

In what feels like a toxic world it can seem impossible to find our balance and equilibrium but this isn’t the case because there is still so much good and positive energy in the world. Beginning with baby steps, we can choose to detoxify our lives and environment and make this world a better world. Choosing to make healthier choices will go a long way to impact our lifestyles.

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