The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Besos says, “Focusing on the customer makes a company more resilient,” and he couldn’t have said it any better. Customer-centric businesses tend to be a step ahead of the customers’ needs and this helps them in creating products and services the customers didn’t even know they need and would instantly love. This was a strategy that worked for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Making your business customer-centric is more than offering awesome customer service instead, it is more of giving your customer a great experience from the moment they walk through your doors to after they have made their purchase. Research has shown that companies that have customers at heart are 60% more profitable than those who focus on only making money because customers only patronize businesses where their needs are met.

On the report by Forrester, “77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience”. Customer-centric businesses are sensitive to their customers and are able to understand them. This they do by carrying out surveys or encouraging suggestions to know how better the business can improve. Utilizing Online communities is another strategy to get feedback from your customers.

Having the customers at the heart, such businesses naturally find themselves exuding their passion for the job while utilizing follow-up strategy to check up on their customers to find out how the product or service you offered them is working out.

While you are the CEO of the company, the actions of your employees always rub off on you and your brand. It is therefore pertinent to empower them with the right product or service knowledge so they can be of great help to your customers when they need it.

Chris Brown, CEO and Cofounder of MarketCulture Strategies says, “What’s best for the customer is best for the business”. So, customer-centricity not only improves your bottom line but also your brand reputation.

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