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Finally, women in Saudi Arabia are now permitted to drive legally; the ban on female driving which is expected to end on the 24th of June is a dream come true for Saudi Arabian women.

Previously, women were arrested for driving and that meant families had to hire private drivers to transport female relatives. This is largely a great feat for Saudi Arabia which is popularly known for having strict laws for their women, as they are most of the time expected to seek male permission for various activities, actions and decisions.

So far, 10 Saudi women have made history for being the first set of women to collect their new Saudi licences. It is expected that an additional 2000 women will join the 10 licensed female drivers in the country.

Saudi women have described this new beginning as a dream come true for them and are happy with their government for giving them the choice of independent movement.

View post from Arab News below showing Saudi’s first batch of women receiving their license.

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