Parenting is no mean feat but you can’t escape from it especially when you plan on having those “mini-me” versions of yourself. Motherhood opens us up into a place of vulnerability where the emotions are circled around love, sacrifice, privilege, selflessness or a maternal love laced selfish. You can afford to raise great kids and be a super mom. Creating a plan can help you do away with unnecessary failures and strive to help your children feel and be more successful.

Have great communication with your children

Your love must be unconditional. True, there may be consequences or emotions of disappointment, but they must know that you are there for them. After all, you are their mom and if they cannot believe in your love for them, whose love can they believe in? Let them see you as their friend and be able to confide you. Try as much as possible not to be a scarecrow, be warm but firm when the need arises. And you will always have them running back to you. Give them undivided attention.

Have a good working relationship with their teachers 

Many parents feel as if teachers are their opponents and don’t realize that we are are all here to try and help our children grow in the best way possible. However, they are your best ally. If there are any special concerns going on in your home, do not wait for the teacher to find out through your child’s acting up in class or failure to keep up with schoolwork and poor grades.

Be observant 

Observe your kids countenance. If a child seems sad, withdrawn, distant, more moody than usual, or angry. Recognize if there seems to be a greater confrontation between a particular child and his or her siblings,  if friends stop calling or coming over, find out why.

Groom them to be independent 

Each year, every child should be able to point with pride to a newfound skill or added responsibility that comes with age. Children who feel as if they are gaining skills and becoming self-sufficient,  grow more confident in their abilities. You will watch them get even better than their peers and increase their self-esteem.

Teach them social skills 

Expose them to good social skills, developing healthy friendships – Create atmospheres where you nudge them to say ‘Hello’ to other kids too and set routines so as to teach them how to be responsible for duties and actions. Encourage them to express themselves and develop sensitivity.

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