An article written by Necole Kane published on in which she spoke about how she recreated her space for a less messy life caught my attention. In it, she highlighted each item which she included in her space as each one was a deliberate attempt at creating a ‘Zen-worthy’ atmosphere.

On doing some more research, the habit of recreating your space to live a more meaningful life is an actual thing. It is called Feng shui. which means  the ancient art and science of creating incredible environments to support incredible lives. It gathers that the more of a connection you can make to your own personal space, the more that space can help you to change your life. It is rooted on the belief that we’re inextricably tied to space and the energy of that space.

Necole’s old room consisted of a mattress on the floor


Necole’s reorganized bedroom


Here are some of the ways Feng shui proposes to change your life:

1. You’ll have more energy.

When you adjust your home in ways that eliminates clutter, you will create more flow in your life.

2. You’ll clear away emotional blocks.

Get rid of just a few bits of emotionally loaded clutter and you’ll feel the emotional weight associated with that clutter leave your life as well.

3. You’ll amp up your personal style.

It’s called “lifestyle” for a reason. Not “life obligation.” Not “life rules.” Beautification is also self-betterment.

4. You’ll feel at home when you’re at home.

Rather than simply being a place to live, a home reflects your confidence, security and deeper sense of belonging in life.

5. You’ll become more creative.

A home filled with things that you love will inspire you to synergize new ideas, and even explore new ways to communicate.

6. You’ll live with more depth.

The feeling of superficial existence — largely digital and fast-paced — melts greatly in the soft textures of a home that is a sanctuary.

7. You’ll launch your dreams.

When you’re organized and clear of clutter, you have a solid foundation to build a life that’s so much more stable.

8. You’ll break habits.

Going on vacation is a great way to help you break bad habits, as you remove common triggers to behavior when you go away. A home makeover can be just as effective, year-round.

9. You’ll relax more.

Serene spaces — especially ones filled with nature — are intensely relaxing.

10. You’ll sleep better.

Simple adjustments to your bedroom can help you sleep much more soundly.

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