Raise your hand if you wish you could travel the world but know your bank account doesn’t agree with you.

You’re not alone. Here at Flourish Africa, we’re avid fans and big believers in living a balanced life which includes taking breaks and some time way. Nothing revives like some good ol’ travel. However, we’re not all Bill Gates-even though that’s really the plan.

I was scrolling through my number 1 news source recently, yes, Twitter, don’t judge me and a travel blogger shared these tips for travel to Republic of Benin at a really affordable price. I had to save it and share it with everyone I could.

See the thread of experiences and costing below shared by Funmi Oyatogun.

For those interested, she has a package deal for a trip from May 26 till May 28, 2018. Visit her page on twitter for more information.

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