Diary of a Naija Girl shared her story of depression and anxiety on social media urging her followers to try therapy as a possible solution.

This incited a conversation around therapy and the stigma especially on this side of Africa, around it.

What is Psychotherapy to begin with?

Therapy is well-known for its problem-solving techniques and usefulness as a tool for overcoming anxiety, depression and addiction. However, it isn’t only used to treat mental illnesses, it can equally be utilised for better emotional wellness in your daily life especially within the times in which we live where our operation on a day-to-day basis is governed by stress and sometimes, even excessive stress. This means that you don’t need to be severely mentally ill before getting the support you need.

Talking to a professional whose business it is to dissect your problems and together with you, work through finding solutions to what could be really difficult situations can help you live a better quality of life and enable you to embrace your life in a completely new dimension. Sometimes, the issues that of hinderance to us and our growth are not coversation-worthy topics that can be brought up with friends or family despite your knowing that they might mean well. It helps to note that therapists are bound by confidentiality agreements which means they may never divulge your conversation to external third parties or they will be held liable and could potentially lose their license. This provides an open space for full disclosure and subsequently, healing.


Take a look at Diary of A Naija Girl’s post below of how Therapy assisted her with dealing with the loss of her Mother. It might help to note that some therapists also left comments on the post and mentioned their availability. If you’re looking to find yourself one, you can look through the comments section.

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Therapy is one of the best things that has happened to me. It’s a decision I made when I realized I may be carrying some guilt that’s not mine but I never knew how to shed it . A day before my mum died, she called me, I picked up, told her I’d call her back and I didn’t. The next day she was dead. From then, I felt so guilty that maybe there’s something I could have said to her or she could have said to me that may have given her some more peace. I was being irrational but it was there…this guilt . From then, I would panic when I call my loved ones and they don’t pick up. My heart would beat really fast, I’d send messages to let them know I called them and if I don’t hear back in a long time, I’ll text again “are you okay?”. When I finally hear back from them and know they’re fine, I would get really upset and throw a mini to massive tantrum, depending on who’s involved . My people indulged me, they assumed it was love or just who I had become. Deep inside, it was fear. I didn’t want history to repeat itself. I wanted to control the situation this time but I soon realized it was doing me more harm than good. My relationships felt like I was policing, when all I just wanted was to hear back. It became so bad I’d go into a panic attack, pace around the house or watch a tv series to distract me until I heard back from a loved one I was trying to reach . When I decided to see a therapist it was because I knew I would never have a healthy relationship if I continued that way . Sitting on that chair and hearing my emotions laid before me…analyzed, understood and rationalized, it was one of the best moments of my life . Not only did I let go of the guilt, I found out more about myself than I knew existed. I tell my friends like going to therapy for me is an achievement. Well…it really is . Today, my emotional intelligence and consistent growth are partly because I spent 3 weeks, 1hr daily breaking my emotions down and putting them back in order…just like LEGO . If you have to go to therapy, do so. There’s no shame in letting go of things that hold you back and finding your true self . EDIT: Therapists, please drop your details so people can contact you . #DANG

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