Beyonce taught us.

Ben Haggarty, Beyonce’s camera man for her widely acclaimed performance at this year’s Coachella, spoke of his preparation process leading up to the big event on his Facebook page. He mentions that he initially couldn’t speak about his work with the superstar insinuating that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement. However, this wasn’t what caught everyone’s attention-by now, we all know, the superstar loves to move in silence and let her work speak for her; something, we all quite frankly need to learn as we live in the age of social media and noise making. I digress.

What did get our attention however, was that he mentioned that for 11 hours everyday-he not only prepared for the event alongside the singer ensuring he caught specific angles which meant that he had a lot of walking and running around; he was paired with the singer’s personal trainer. Talk about dedication!

Mrs Carter ensured that he got his work-out sessions with the trainer to ensure that he would be fit enough for the big day. Not only was she helping his health practices and lifestyle, she realised that investing in him would mean that her job would get done more efficiently.

This made me think of the employers who so easily never wish to invest in their employees for fear of disloyalty or for fear that the said employee would utilise their resources for another person’s service by leaving them and venturing into another organisation. We all know the kind. The ones who won’t provide basic resources required for the job to be done not to talk of extra resources which will be of added advantage to the company.

This was a lesson for you and I. Employees may not only be found in the workplace; they’re in our homes-maids & security, dog walker, personal assistant etc.

Invest in your employees. It’s the wise thing to do for your business.

See Haggarty’s full post below.

Culled from Ben Haggarty’s Facebook

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