I worked on my marriage when everyone else was leaving theirs. I got a small business loan when everyone else was climbing the corporate ladder. Today, I can look back and say God had a purpose.

I woke up to seeing a video with my favourite preacher and tell-it-like-it-is speaker, Sarah Jakes Roberts saying these words and I believed that it was all the confirmation I needed to get me through this week.

A number of people in my life, myself included, seem to be having quite the month and not in the most pleasant of ways. However, this post was confirmation for me to ensure that even when it’s seeming like things aren’t panning out in my favour.


The prayer should always be to keep walking in purpose knowing that purpose isn’t always popular.

In fact, dare I add that purpose can be sometimes, even ridiculous. Ridiculous in the sense that, you’ll have to make decisions that may sometimes make you look crazy. I was speaking to a mentor yesterday and she explained how she took on a job that paid her 25% of what she had been earning to the shock of everyone. Why? You might ask. She was walking in her purpose. Today, she is one of Nigeria’s most revered young women. This just goes to show that: Purpose, although unpopular, can be extremely generous in the end.

Watch the full video below. WARNING: You’ll get goose bumps!

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