The Yellow bus and its different characteristics, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realise you haven’t seen anything at all.

You must have heard the saying no one can love you like you; this saying was further reiterated to me in this week’s episode of yellow buses – a house of drama.

I was so glad to have been fortunate enough to have gotten a seat in the yellow bus that took me home yesterday, there was enough room and it was comfortable.

The bus driver introduced himself to the passengers, as Oga sunny before we took off from the garage. He surprised us even further by asking us all to pray before we began our journey. It was easy to tell Oga Sunny wasn’t new to the driving business; his driving skills showed he was a skilled driver and he knew all the routes.

He manoeuvred the traffic effortlessly and I was thankful I wasn’t going to spend the major part of my evening in the traffic. As usual the passengers didn’t disappoint, they came up with different topics making the bus lively.

I sat close to the widow, observing and taking a mental inventory of the topic and opinions that was shared. In between the various opinions that were shared, Oga sunny requested we paid our transport fare. We all gathered our money and passed it on to him. When it was his turn to send back our change Oga sunny asked us all to exercise patience.

Shortly after, a man brought up the topic of Buhari running for a second-term, there was an uproar and different opinions started flying around. The passengers had a lot to say about that – those for and those against.  With this new topic on politics, the passengers had gotten carried away with their emotions and the discussion about our change had been forgotten. My tiny voice was constantly drowned  amidst the loud voices of those who had a thing or two to say.

However, when the bus got quiet I was quick to raise the topic about my change and  Oga sunny would immediately plead with me to be patient. I calmed down when he looked at me through the rear mirror to say he had noted my face.

I soon got to where I would alight and reminded Oga Sunny about my change and he gave me the blank stare. I lost my cool then and started recounting all the times I told him about my change. He then turned it into a joke saying “couldn’t I have forgone the money?”

After getting my challenge, I realised it is a norm for people to want to take advantage of you. It is left to you to be strong for you and to speak up when you see through their antics! Only you can love you and take care of you the way you should.

Have you been in a similar situation before? Share your experiences with us.

Have a great weekend!

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