TGIF! The feeling of today being  friday and you having the weekend all to yourself is a relieving one. What are your plans  for the weekend? Perhaps, you feel the need to have adequate rest, the Danish seem to have been kind enough to hand us some lessons on how to spend our time. Have you ever heard about the word, “Hygge”? I bet it sounds more like ‘Hygiene’ but it is pronounced as  “hoo-gah.” It’s a tricky and subtle word that simply explains the joy of enjoying cosiness in good company. You don’t need a manual or lessons on how to go about it, It is simply the appreciation of a moment as being cosy and charming.

It might please you to note that the Danish have been rated to be happiest people on earth due to the practise of their amazing culture, ‘Hygge.’

Being a weekend, this. is a good time for you to buy int this. Switch off from your ever engrossing working environment, traffic lights, the speed of cars, the hardness of your workspace to the ambience of your living space with blankets, throw pillows  and cushions for the ultimate coziness. It is a great period to build intimacy, trust, coziness, bonding with family and friends. If you love some outdoor time, you could choose to have a bonding time with friends over drinks and laughter.

It is a great stress buffer and has to increase happiness.

So, if you are in quest to search for happiness and tranquility, you know where it is.

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