Do you love to walk on heels? Do you love to lengthen your legs too achieve that desired elegance?

Wait a minute! If you meet grandpa wearing heels , what will be the next thought that comes to your mind? You just can’t imagine it! Well, your six inch pump and stilettos were not initially meant for you. The history of wearing hells is dated back to the tenth century where high hells were often worn by horse riders -cow boys so as to hold on firmly to the saddle. Later, it also became common among the nobles-a painting of King Louis XIV of France depicts him wearing high heels. Subsequently you had these macho men swaggering about in boots with heels, but they very quickly became fashionable for rich courtiers and kings in particular.

The secret of the stiletto heel was a small piece of metal-‘Shank’ which joined the inside of the shoes sufficiently that the heel and foot of the shoe could operate separately. It could actually bend and twist.Once a shoe designer managed to work that out, then heels became more like what we see today.

At the time, heels were not gender significant but the same cannot be said about present times it is now a feminine fashion statement.


The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way. Christian Louboutin


For some women, we feel comfortable in heels always while others agree they are in a constant dilemma of if they want to step out with their lengthened elegant legs or just feel their feet. Even when we storm out donning them and walk back home barefooted, we are stuck on it. Anyway you look at it, heels have become part and parcel of the boss lady’s wardrobe.


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