Marriage was created to be eternal. Man and Wife to be joined in holy matrimony saying vows that are slated to last all eternity; at least that was the plan.

Reality however sets in and sometimes it doesn’t last forever as envisioned. A spouse dies or a divorce occurs due to abuse or one such other incident. The truth is that is life.

Beyonce’s Mother, Tina Lawson (formerly knowles)  celebrated her 3rd year anniversary with hubby, Tina Lawson who she met years after she and Knowles we’re divorced. Knowles had gone ahead to impregnate a younger woman and was rumored as serially having affairs when with his then, wife. From all accounts, they didn’t seem to have a healthy marriage.

Mama Tina as she is fondly called, seemed to retreat into her shell. The headlines read that  Beyoncé and her sister were devastated for their mother. However, the core of this piece would love to focus on the idea that one is an utter failure after a failed marriage or that love is dead and gone because the spouse is dead. It isn’t.

At 64, Mama Tina is proof that it is never too late to live your best life. We countdown some of our best moments with the renewed and in love young-at-heart woman as she celebrates her anniversary today.

1. She’s holding her own on Instagram

Mama Tina started a corny joke segment which she does on Instagram. Not only is it hilarious because her jokes are rather corny; she loves to laugh at herself. It is the perfect antidote to a bad day as this woman clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously


2. She raised two phenomenal women.

Are you all alone? Have you been told that your children might not amount to much because they don’t have the touch of a father? These are all lies implanted into the society to make it seem as though, you are not enough. It is not the end of the world. With prayer and hard work, you are never ever alone. Mama Tina has raised two beautiful, award-winning daughters who have become icons in their own right. You too can do it.

3. She gives back.

They say the best way to know how rounded you are is by how much of a benefit you are to your community. When you leave this earth, what would you like to be remembered for? What legacy would you like to leave behind? This is something, the Lawsons happen to get right. Together with her husband, a non-profit theatre was built to empower creatives who came from low-income households.


“The purpose of this endeavor is empowering people to gain the skills and ability to identify and pursue their dreams no matter who they are or where they came from. It is also to give both professional and non-professional actors, artists and youth a place to celebrate their own talent and artistry.”

4. She found the one, again.

Years ago, Matthew Knowles was not always the villain; he was manager to his daughter during her career in widely successful girl group, Destiny’s child and at the start of her solo career. He was highly instrumental to her superstardom which probably provided a luxurious lifestyle for their family. He was hardworking and smart. Back then, maybe he was the one. But it is never too late to start over. When it wasn’t quite working out, Mama Tina took the leap after 31 years of being married. She also didn’t resist the urge to start over when Love came looking her way. It takes bravery and courage to do this and now she’s on the side smiling and waving.


It is never too late to start over In love, career and life. We’re very thankful for women like Lawson who keep empowering us to reach even further even when the world would rather we cower.


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