Ever heard of one who broke  stereotypes by sitting all day on a rock?

We all love to bask in the luxury of familiar places, have the sunset guide us and feel the wind in our hair. If you love positive  change then you should be aware that a comfort zone is a wrong place for you. Its cool to enjoy where you are but its a crime to not want to upscale. Wait a minute! You are the boss lady, remember? You are the amazon? But how come you are afraid of setting a foot forward?

A baby remains a baby till he decides to live in the glory of being a toddler. From a  crawling to standing and then to throwing a step forward- That’s all he or she needs. You are not excluded either.

Agoraphobia is a type of phobia that causes an overwhelming, intense fear that makes people avoid places or situations. You tend to feel good and comfortable just where you are.

In trying new things, people are afraid of their actual beliefs clashing with the new or the unknown. You might  question why you should leave your comfort zone; after all, why would you do something that causes negative feelings such as stress, anxiety, fear and discomfort? However, leaving your comfort zone is very beneficial because it makes it easier to deal with unexpected change, rise above limitations and build your confidence.


Lets get you started on leaving agoraphobia behind:



Hello!  How  did you do it?

We all need someone to look up to. Get a trusted friend or mentor who waled down the same path you intend threading and find out how they were able to make it work. You will be amazed at how wiser and more confident you ‘d be. This people in your life will give you first-hand information on all you need to know, strategies and will become a  support system for you.


Hey Discomfort! Can we be buddies?

Make discomfort a familiar feeling. A great way to do this is to pick one thing each day that scares you  and do it. You will be amazed at how what once scared you is now a commonplace. If talking to people make you scared, you can start with speaking to one unfamiliar person each day.


Refurbish your mindset

Only you knows how scared you can get. Snap out it! Learnt to fear differently, instead of being afraid of what would happen when you decide to take upon a task , think about the bright side- Of the benefits of what you are engaging in will bring. It is ok to allow your imagination to run wild, keep a mental picture of it.


Say "Yes" more often

Drown out every voice whispering excuses. Say yes and believe you can. Acknowledgement of this helps your though process to work on a physical manifestation of your goals. Even when you make mistakes, embrace them and forge  ahead.


Mark your track

Keep a track record of your achievements. it will help you feel good about what you have been able to do in time past and make room for you to be more confident in yourself.


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