This weekend I was made to understand that power and might were two different concepts. The Bible is deliberate about using both terms: power and might, as they are mutually exclusive of each other.

Definition of might:

Great and impressive power or strength, especially of a nation, large organization, or natural force.- Oxford Dictionary

Definition of power:

The ability to do something. – Oxford Dictionary

Imagine my annoyance when I realized that all along, I had been operating from a place of power and not of might. I’ll explain the difference.


Power knows that when force is induced, it can get anything done BUT force (inserts hustle here) must be induced. Might on the other hand is power multiplied. You walk different when you know you’re operating from a realm of might. I particularly like that might, according to the Oxford Dictionary is described as the ‘power of a nation.’ This is one and the same with what we carry according to God and God is not a man that he should lie.

If I am made aware that I exhibit the strength of a nation, why then do I doubt myself? Why then do I think of myself as not enough? Why then do I talk myself down? Or out of opportunities that come my way?

The strength of my country, Nigeria alone even with all the attributes we’re many times left unsatisfied with, lies in the millions of people in the country. Imagine being able to combine intellectual strengths with Dangote and our founder, Mrs Folorunso Alakija. How wise would we become? Would you speak the same? Would you walk the same? Would you live the same?

The recognition of our strengths as followers of Christ is essential if we are to live like Christ originally intended: Free from worries even in the eye of the storm; blessings and open doors all around us. When we’re not exhibiting these qualities, it’s time to ask truly,  “Am I operating in the realm of Might?”

I hope that you have a blessed week going forward and decreeing everything that you want to see happen this coming week. Above all else, I hope you come to know and express God’s  ‘might’ in all that concerns you.


Love and Light.



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