The art of wearing, choosing and storing a fragrance is not as easy as it seems and that might just be the reason  why your perfume last as long as they should when you wear it.

Here are perfume mistakes you make and should cancel out:

You expect it to smell all day:

This is a myth we’ve all been forced to believe and its just that, a myth. When you first spray a fragrance, you only smell it’s top notes. And a fragrance consists of three notes – the top, heart and base notes. You don’t believe me? Spray your perfume on a blotter and smell it all day to see how your perfume changes.

You ‘re smelling it too fast:

In wine tasting you’re told not to swallow it immediately but savour it for a while – I digress. When you’re trying a new perfume you try it too fast. This shouldn’t be so, you should wait 30 seconds to smell it. This is enough for the alcohol content to evaporate, hence, you will be able to smell the top notes.

You don’t know where to spray:

A woman should wear her perfume wherever she wants to be kissed – Coco Chanel

Perfume is activated by body heat. If you want your perfume to last longer,  spray is at your pulse points (behind your ears, on your neck, inner wrist, behind your knees and chest).

You’re rubbing your wrist together:

Rubbing your wrist makes the top notes fade away quicker. So, next time you’re spraying your perfume avoid rubbing your wrist together. Leave it to air dry!

You are storing your perfume the wrong way

“Store in a cool and dry place” was written on the park of your perfume for a reason. Extreme sunlight, heat or cold upsets the balance of the oils within your fragrance hereby, changing the scents. Keep your perfume away from direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place.

You don’t try anything new:

You don’t keep an open-mind when getting a perfume. Try out new fragrances and choose a fragrance that expresses your true personality.



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