Things that urban cities have in common are fast cars and flashing lights. They are a beautiful sight to behold when the night skies and stars take over the atmosphere at night. They make the dark hours which seem all dull a lot more fascinating. Urban cities are the heart of modernization and from here, trends emerge and gently creeps into smallest towns, villages and even hamlets.

In recent times, relationships have grown from what Romeo and Juliet knew it to be to something way bigger and sometimes complex. There is a greater urge to flaunt relationships and marriages on social media more than ever. It could be possible that a couple you had never seen hold hands can have very cozy pictures on their handles, more often than not, this is just a make-believe to let populace around them know how much they are in love. Term it modern-day deceit? I don’t know the appropriate word for it.

Public Display of Affection (PDA) is no crime at all.  It is just two people in love showing how much they cherish each other not minding the public glare. All these are the spices to our relationships.

If I told you a blue paper could actually turn red. Will you think I had gone nuts? It would have actually been a normal reaction but blue pairs actually turn red in a chemical process called the litmus test. This is basically a test to check if a solution is acidic.


Your relationship and marriage  also undergoes a similar test too at some point in time. What colour is your relationship going to be? Is it going to be red like heated iron sheets? Or blue like the serene sea water? The PDA’S , Weekend Getaway’s and all those situations that help to make up our love bubbles are not the true test of our relationships.

How do you react in the heat of an argument?

How you resolve issues in your relationship and marriage?

Now don’t all out and act like this is not going to happen. It is going to happen because you are both two different people coming together from different families, background and orientation. So, brace your mind to accept the fact that it is going to happen but when it does. How are you going to react in the face of conflict?

Are you going to yell at him? Blame him? Hit him so hard that he ‘d pass out?

Conflict is a good chance to grow your intimacy. Gentle speech laced with humility will help both partners to see their faults without being told and make amends. Dialogue is good tool. Spend time to talk about even smallest of things you might want to dismiss. Talking about your issues will help ease the burden in your mind, make you feel more secured and of course more matured. If you have never prayed about your partner or relationship, you should start doing that more often too.

Dont endure your relationship. Enjoy it!

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