You will agree with me that driving through an urbanised and energetic city between the hours of 8am to 9am in the morning can be overwhelming. At the close of business, rushing out to pick up the kids and doing the journey back home is no small feat either. Well, traffic is traffic and no respecter of persons. It will do you a lot of good to not revolve your entire life around it when caught up in it because it is man-made. It is caused by humans like you and me who see traffic rules to be a play-thing and sometimes by unforeseen circumstances.


It is shocking, sad, yet funny to go through the drama that traffic comes with. Frustrated and tired-looking faces, eyes longing to see their home, stretched out  necks embellished with fierce veins while yelling out to other drivers.

Hey sister, you need to breathe. Whenever you’re on the freeway with a thousand other cars crawling along at a snail’s pace, you may feel helpless, but there are things you can do to help ease congestion:



Music causes slower breathing, slower heart rate and an activation of the relaxation response. It can also keep depression and anxiety at bay as it helps increase creativity, optimism levels,lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke heart problems, boosts immunity and eases muscles. When you think you need to yell out at someone, take a deep breath and turn on your stereo.

Albeit, If you are passenger on board. Listening to music will do a lot of good to calm you down.


Google Map

It is a big life saver. If you are not so sure of where you are going to, you can use that to kill time and avert an impending traffic. Its a good tool top help you  plan your route, avoid motorways, find directions, have access to street views and turn-by-turn navigation. If you want to be able to conserve your mobile data or check out amap when you can’t access the Internet, Google lets you save maps to be viewed.


Bus Rapid Transit and Trains

These are not your conventional buses. They also have dedicated roadways. This bus-based public transport system is designed to improve capacity and reliability. Trains use the railway, therefore leaving the ever-busy roads to ply the railways. That is one smart way to by-pass the traffic.


Plan Ahead 

Be an early bird. Set out to your destination on time. Take out time to even plan your routes. Having a mental picture of where you are going to will make it a lot easier.


Driving for the Weekend 

You could choose to drive only at weekends, public holidays or when its convenient for you. The roads are often more pliable within these periods.

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