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Supermodel and one of the world’s most beautiful women to ever strut the runway with a career 32 years young wants a Vogue Africa.

Campbell proposed the idea during an interview with Reuters while she was visiting Lagos, Nigeria, for Arise Fashion Week. The company’s first ever, inaugural fashion week.

“There should be a Vogue Africa,” she said. “We just had Vogue Arabia – it is the next progression. It has to be.”

She also criticized the lack of coverage of Africa’s fashion industry.

“Africa has never had the opportunity to be out there and their fabrics and their materials and their designs be accepted on the global platform,” she continued. “It shouldn’t be that way.”

Campbell admitted the fashion industry is becoming more diverse, noting the prestigious role of Edward Enninful, a Ghanaian man who became British Vogue’s first black editor since its inception almost 100 years ago.

“People have come to realize it is not about the color of your skin to define if you can do the job or not,” Campbell concluded.

We’re excited for what’s to come. We’ve always known our continent had so much to offer globally so it feels rewarding hearing a global brand like Naomi’s realise it too.

Naomi has spoken. Your move, Vogue.


Photo credit: Instagram (@iamnaomicampbell) wearing Nigerian designer, Bubu Ogisi

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