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Recently, as I paged through some of my favourite lifestyle websites; I came in contact with a story by Necole Kane, a former gossip blog editor. In this article, she spoke about finally only being content with the quality of her life at age 35.

As she went further to speak on her story; it occured to me that this was the same woman who I had once written about having a breakdown at a mental health seminar as she spoke about her bout with depression. She truly had been through several epsiodes of self doubt and changing her career course several times. I could relate heavily to her story because mine was albeit rather similar. I have widdled and waddled my way through life, trying to figure out where I would best fit in and I think to a large extent, I am still on that journey. Do you ever figure it all out though?

In this piece she also mentions something that stuck with me,

Don’t wait for your next life to do all you want to do.

I scolded myself as I read this as It was a stark reminder to ensure that I get around to doing everything that I had always wanted to do even while afraid and Now was the time, not later.

Another gem she dropped was the reminder that it was never too late to start or reshape your path. Here, she mentions that it might not even be the most popular thing at the time, but following your purpose, she implies, is key. It won’t always be easy, in fact, it might be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do which is why not everyone chases after their passion.

Although the site eventually amassed a huge following, and I garnered fame, money and success, I wasn’t happy with my life and at the age of 34, I decided to walk away. At that age, society tells you that you are “supposed” to have it altogether, and there I was giving up everything I had worked so hard for.

30, 40, 50, 60… We even recently shared a story of the actress who only recently rose to fame at the age of 92. So can you! It is never too late to reshape your narrative.


For the full write up by Necole Kane, click here


Photo credit: Necole Kane’s website

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